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No idea the associated email - cant change it and I have premium

No idea the associated email - cant change it and I have premium

Sounds a bit crazy but I created a premium account a litte while ago, and tried logging into my computer but couldnt remember my email. I requested a new password from my username, which was a bunch of letters and numbers, but I never recieved an email from either of my emails. 


I need help resetting my email! I couldnt find an email address from any page I went on to email spotify. 

4 Replies

Hi there,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble logging into your account!


If you’re not sure, we’d recommend having another quick scan of the email accounts you own for emails from ‘’. It's worth checking any junk/spam folders too.


That way you can determine which one you used to sign up for


Please let us know if you’re still unable to track that email down.




I have checked both of the emails I have for those emails sent by Spotify and I dont have anything from them. Id love to be able to verify my account based on the Card I have associated as well as Birthday or anything else. I just want my music back.

Would love a relpy on this. Got a quick first reply...

Hey @jakegulliford


Thanks for reaching out again.

We'd recommend getting in contact with us directly in this case 🙂


The team will be able to help you out further and take a look under the hood.
We're afraid we can't handle those details here in the Community.


Don't worry, just give them a shout one of these ways:







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