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Can not search my NAME to find my profile

Can not search my NAME to find my profile

Plan: Premium

Country: USA



iMac (iOS 10, Catalina), and iPhone 6s

*All software has been newly installed and is up to date


I use Spotify for playlists to teach Yoga. Students can not search for my name "Elizabeth Amann" to find my profile. I know my username is a 10 digit number but students should be able to search for my name to find me on their device. For reference, my husband also has a 10 digit number username, and I can search for his profile with his name "Jeff Whitney."


"spotify:user:name" does not work

I am connected to facebook

I made a new profile "Elizabeth Amann Whitney" which is not connected to facebook and I have the same issue.


Please advise.

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Hi, Elizabeth.


As another option, you can follow the steps here for ways to share your profile to your students.

Thanks for your suggestion. Still, I need to be able to search my first and last name to find my profile. As far as I know this should be available to all profiles. No idea why I don’t HVAC this feature...



I think I understand your situation.  You want your students to have a text that they can put in the search to find your account specifically.  I HAVE FOUND A WAY!


So they can't just search your name and they will find you?   You have to copy your profile URI....  Then copy and paste in the Spotify search bar.


In order to do that follow these steps:


1) Go on the app on your computer

2) Go to your profile and clicked on the 3 dots (More Button)

3) Hover over "share"

4) Left click "Spotify Profile URI"

5) Print that into a notepad on your computer and that is what your students can use to find your profile specifically when they put that in a search bar.  


So for example try finding my specific profile using my URI link below



I hope this helps!!!  



If you want to find your Profile URI on your phone device just go to your profile, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, click on share, and then click "More" and then send it to an email to yourself or just paste it into any text message or wherever you like.


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