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Can't Connect with Facebook


Can't Connect with Facebook

When I try to attach my Facebook account to my Spotify account, I get the following message:


"Connect to Facebook


Sorry there has been a temporary error, please try again later."


On Facebook, when I go to App Settings -> Spotify -> Edit, I get this error:


"Invalid permission specified

The app requested an invalid permission: whitelisted_offline_access"
I believe I can't use the web client like I would like to until this is resolved, and that would be my preffered option for my desktop (Linux-based).
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Try to get in touch with the Spotify guys, they actually helped in this matter.

...and my advice: leave facebook for good. It's just a catalyzer for radical ideas, terrorism and data mining. Not worth, same for Instagram and alikes.

Thank you for your advice.

I removed Spotify from my authorised apps in Facebook and then retried. This worked. Cheers 

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