Can't Log into my account: PLEASE HELP ASAP

Can't Log into my account: PLEASE HELP ASAP


A couple of days ago I was signed out of Spotify, randomly, on both my computer and iPhone. Now when I try to sign back on and click "sign in with Facebook" it keeps saying login failed, username and password are incorrect. Which does not make any sense what so ever. I have tried the support page and everything but nothing works. I have tried restarting my computer and nothing works. I did not sign myself out Spotify did that on its own. And I have Premium so I am probably getting charged for not even being able to use my Spotify! Someone please tell me they know what to do with this....

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I also can't log into spotify. I got an email that someone changed the email address on my account and it wasn't me. They asked me to email me a copy of my latest receipt and paypal transaction number so they could investigate. It has been two days already and I haven't heard anything. I'm paying for service and I can't even listen to any music.


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Can you try resetting your password? If you are unable to locate your account, contact the accounts team through the online contact form and they can locate your account for you. If you receive a no-reply e-mail directing you back to the community, just reply to it and you will be connected with a representative. 



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Reply with your case number, and I'll make sure it's with the right team! 🙂

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same issue as mine. 


Nothing has worked so far: can't reset username/email (site says there's no active account associated), no response through the online contact form.


This whole program is bullocks. I don't think you're going to be able to fix it. Them neither. I had the same problem on the free end and they can't fix your problem and you're paying money for this I would bail before you lose anymore money. If your paying for a service and they don't have the time to put man power behind the forums besides telling you to "Reset your password". I would think they would get their stuff together man. Lol I'm spiteful.

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