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Can't change country and payment types

Can't change country and payment types

I am paying 58HKD/month for Spotify Premium but I moved to New Zealand couple months ago. Trying to change my credit card to a NZ credit card but failed ( error message : payment is not in the correct country). can't change country either. And now Spotify is trying to cancel my account as no payment received 

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my tips: 

  1. Contact Spotify Support: Reach out to Spotify's customer support team and explain the situation. They will be able to assist you further and provide specific guidance on resolving the payment and country change issue. You can usually find a contact form or chat option on the Spotify website or app.

  2. Cancel your existing subscription: If you're unable to update your payment details, consider canceling your current subscription. This will prevent any further charges until you can resolve the payment and country change issue.

  3. Start a new subscription: Once your previous subscription is canceled, you can sign up for a new Spotify Premium subscription using your New Zealand credit card. Ensure that you are logged out of your existing account before signing up again.

  4. Transfer your playlists: If you have created playlists or have any saved music, you may want to transfer them to your new account. You can use third-party services or tools specifically designed to transfer playlists between Spotify accounts.

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