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Can't invite family members?


Can't invite family members?



I already have a family account and added a family member. I now want to add 2 more, but can't find the invite-link anywhere?

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. Spotify support also contacted me. It turns out you don't have to wait for your subscription to expire. You can go right back into the portal and re-apply for a premium account and then a family plan. In my case I had one family member and I asked for one more (me and 2 family members). It retained my previous familiy member and gave me a slot for the 2nd one I asked for. I was able to invite for that slot. 



Ive had spotify premium which ive shared with my son. Same playlists just different devices.  Cancelled Apple Music and gone to SF and sent him link following the 'invite family members' tool.  He clicks the link and is taken to the main login page (username and password - which he doesnt have) He then tries to set up individual account from new and it says the email is taken - assume this is because ive invited him?  Im a bit stuck here.  Any ideas?



My problem is that I am trying to add someone to the family account but is the only way to do it to send an invitation without entering an actual phone number for the person you want to add? Please help! I'm being billed for family and haven't even been able to use it.

Hey guys

I have searched everywhere on my premium interface and can't find where to invite family members. I have seen screenshots and know where it is supposed to be by it simply isn't. Any clue to what I have to do?


There is this panel, but it does not show the family plan control. I am premium and paid for a year of music. I am really disappointed with this situation. I contacted the support. Hope they can be responsive.

I have already added two family members and would like to add a third. I have found the option to add or remove family members in the Spotify browser settings, but when clicking on this button I am asked to try again: "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again". This appears over and over again. Any similar experiences / solutions available? Thanks!



I'll just payd for an family account, but how long will it take untill the account is activated?

The link " invite" isnt still working.







the familyplan screen, where you can invite family members is all black (windows computer) or all white (apple). so I can't invite anyone 😞


some one a solution? 

i have a premium Family account - the Manage Famil Invite Page Is Blank.  How can i resolve this?


Ok so I added a family member, who got a new phone and can' get back on. It says he is back to a free subscription.  If he unsubscribeds and I re add him, will it work and will he lose all his previous downloads?

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