Can't log in or reset password


Can't log in or reset password

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Windows 10


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 I am all of a sudden unable to log in to my account (this is a new account I made to report this). I do not even know what the recovery email is, it is possibly an old workplace one that I no longer have access to, so I am not receiving the password reset emails. I have checked the spam folders of email accounts I would normally use. I also do not have a Facebook account linked to it, so this is not an option.


I am definitely entering the correct password, so it is quite surprising that suddenly it does not work. Is there any way of recovering this account without a password reset?

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Re: Can't log in or reset password

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I should add that this is a premium account and I can't cancel my subscription without logging in, so not being able to access it and just making a new one is not acceptable.

Re: Can't log in or reset password



This looks troubling. Why don't you try contacting support through here by filling that contact form


If you receive an automated email directing you to the community or help boards, make sure you reply directly to that email (even if it says it is no-reply) and usually an agent will get back to you.


Do let me know of any progress!