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Can't log into Spotify Android despite trying everything

Can't log into Spotify Android despite trying everything

I got suddenly kicked out of my account going into the app and booted back into the log in/sign up screen. Whenever I tried to log back in I got half a second of the green rotating circle and got kicked out again. I uninstalled and did a clean reinstall of the app and now it says that my email and password combination does not match a Spotify account, even though I can log in perfectly on PC and Browser with the same credentials. I reset my password, tried again and still it wouldn't let me. I cleared the cache on my whole Android device (including dalvik-cache) and it still wouldn't work. What do I need to do?


(Note: I tried to get a screenshot but it wouldn't letme take a screenshot, giving me a "Storage may be in use" error, despite having the storage permission. Could it be a SD card thing?)

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I have been experiencing the same thing

Same thing here.

Same here, Pixel 2 on Android 8.1. "Either the username or password is incorrect", Facebook login doesn't work either, but I can log into the website fine.

I have tried to contact Spotify about it but they just suggested things I
had already tried

you called them?


No I emailed them. They just said to look through the community thing and
see if anyone had a similar issue. I just unsure to whether it is a bug or
just happening to android only

yea everyone is having the same issue it's not you.

I have the same problem, I think its a android problem, maybe with their last update, but Spotify are being ignorant because they aren't solving this problem and they have not replied to my email 

same here. OP 5 running Oreo


Exactly same problems, get this resllved ASAP please. Thanks. 

Spotify clearly not caring 

It seems that by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the Play store, it allows you to log in. But I guess that only works if you got a modified version from the internet.

What do you mean? Do I have install a modified version from the internet?


I think it only works with the original app. Does anyone have problem with the original?

I got the exact same thing today. I went to use Spotify on my android phone and I had been logged out which was strange... I tried both my username AND email and both said that it didn't match... reinstalling or resetting password didn't help. Strange though, since I can log in on my PC and on the web browser using all these same credentials.

Yeah, I'm on the original app from Google Play store and having these issues... Can't log in using Username, or Email, or Facebook.

It's not a network problem for sure, tried WI-FI and mobile network nothing changed. I also tried using hotspot, vpn, apk, and the original app but still nothiing worked. it's clearly because the android update. On PC and online works perfectly but on my android it keept loging me out until I couldn't log in anymore. This happened the next day I updated my android. 

Are you from America , maybe it doesn't work because you are out of America ?

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