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Can't log into hulu and password reset doesn't work


Can't log into hulu and password reset doesn't work

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I have a spotify premium account but I've never managed to log into hulu with it. I had trouble setting up the hulu account in the first place because no matter what, hulu never sends me emails. (Yes, I checked my **bleep**). Now, when I go to "reset my password" for hulu, I never receive a password reset email, but I don't even know if my account was ever really activated with hulu. It also couldn't track down my account through account recovery because I'm billed through spotify and not directly through hulu. How can I try to set up hulu again? 


The only thing I can think to do is cancel my account with spotify in order to restart. (But I don't know if that would work)







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Re: Can't log into hulu and password reset doesn't work


Hey @jujub1989!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


If you've already linked your Spotify to Hulu following these steps, and you're having trouble logging in to Hulu, you'll need to contact their support team here.


They'll be able to look for your Hulu account to help you get back to it.


Canceling your Spotify subscription would automatically un-link the Hulu account when Spotify goes back to Free. However, you still need to have access to the Hulu account to link them together from scratch.


All the best.

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