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Can't log into iphone XR app, but can log into iphone browser and tv/desktop spotify app

Can't log into iphone XR app, but can log into iphone browser and tv/desktop spotify app






Iphone XR, had Iphone 6

My Question or Issue


I got a new phone (iPhone XR) and can not log into the sportify app.


I can log into Spotify on the phone browser, desktop browser, desktop app, and tv app but not phone app.


When I log in using the correct username/email I get a notification that "something went wrong. try again."


Then after a few attempts the window pops up asking If I'd like to log in using the link emailed instead of password. When I click on the link to open in the app, I get a window that pops up saying "The link is no longer valid". When I click on the link to open in safari I am prompted to create a new password, I then create a new password and still get the same notification when logging in that says "something went wrong try again"


I have purposely put in the wrong password and receive the message "This email and password combination is incorrect"


I have tried creating a new account and get the message "something went wrong. Try again"


So far I have:


1. Deleted app, then reinstalled

2. Done a "clean" re-install

3. Created a new password

4. Reset the iPhone back to factory settings

5. I have logged into the Spotify app on my iPhone 6 and cleared the cache

6. I have tried logging in with both email and username

7. I have tried creating a new account, and after getting through all the steps, when I finally log into the new account I get the same message "something went wrong. try again"

8. I have tried typing in log in info compared to it being filled out using face ID

9. I have logged out everywhere

10. Chatted with three different Spotify techs who sent me outdated topic boards and the only advice they could give me was to delete and reinstall


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I also downloaded the Spotify Stations app and was not able to log into my account using the correct log in info.

Hey @carlaannjones,


Thanks for your post! We'll do our best to help.


Try the following:

  • Go to your device app settings and make sure Spotify is granted all permissions.
  • Clear all app data for Spotify.

Let us know how it goes.

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