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Can't upgrade from unlimited to Premium

Can't upgrade from unlimited to Premium



I am new to spotify and after the 48 hour free trial, I decided to get myself a £10 Spotify E-Card.


However, when entering the card pin, I chose 2 months of spotify unlimited, instead of 1 month of Spotify Premium. I want to use my IPAD for Spotify, not my PC.


I hunted around the Spotify site and found that it is possible to upgrade (I still have 60 days of unlimited that could be converted to 30 days of Premium)


I added my card details, clicked the 'upgade my account', but all I keep getting is a message saying 'oooppss somethign went wrong, please try again or check help'.


I am getting frustrated now, so hoping that some of you Spotify experts can help or point me in the rigt direction?


Thanks in advance.

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Villaboy72 - It looks like you've managed to add those 2 months of Unlimited, so that's good. Annoyingly, there appears to be a little misunderstanding here. In order to use Spotify on your iPad, Premium is needed. You'll need to switch it back, I'm afraid.

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Thanks Sam, but I am having trouble changing from unlimited to premium. The size won't seem to let me do it.

Whenever I visit the premium upgrade page, I tick the box to upgrade my account, but still keep getting the message 'oops something went wrong, please try again or see our help section'.


Sadly, a subscription purchased on a e-card is unable to be changed after it's initial choice - that might be why you are seeing this message. However, we might be able to help out here. Could you send in an email to us directly? Head up, hit "About Us" and then select "Contact Form". When you've sent an email in, just pop the case number you are given below.
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Many thanks, I really hope you can help. As I mentioned, I am a first time user of Spotify, and to be honest, if a simple mistake as this can't be recitfied, I feel that I doubt I will even bother with Spotify at all and will cancel my subscription.


Anyway, I submitted as you suggested and the case number is: # 00208616

Any news from the mods on this case?

2 days has passed now and I find it hard to believe that my case has not even been looked at.


In the least, I would have expected a reply from whoever I sent the case into?


Is this the way spotify treat ALL paying customers?

I'm experiencing the same problem myself. I got myself a Windows Phone the other day and I'd like to upgrade to Premium so I could listen to stuff on my phone. However, whenever I try to convert my remaining 22 days of Unlimited to Premium, I get the "oops" message, instead.

I finally got a reply from support at spotify who have kindly agreed to cancel my unlimited subscription and send me a 1 month premium code.


That was 2 days ago and there is still no sign of the premium code in my email or spam...


Can any mods on here chase this up please?

having the same problem myself and have contacted spotify directly on email too but havent heard back from them and its been two days now wich seems kind of weird since they should be happily taking my money and not being slow about it.

Villaboy72 - Just got back to you. Should sort it.

Shwoomie - Looks like my colleague got back to you, has everything been sorted?


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Nothing in my email mate?


Checked you Spam/Junk folders? I sent it about 3 hours ago.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Email now received.


However, it seems that my unlimited subscription is still running and it will not allow me to add the premium codes you sent me!


Could you please attempt to cancel my unlimited subscription so that I can now add the codes and hopefully start to enjoy the premium experience.

Sam, while you're helping a brother out, could you look into my account as well? I can't upgrade my remaining Unlimited sub to Premium for some reason.

villaboy72 - That's all sorted for you now. Please try to redeem that code again. 


j0lssoni - Exactly what message are you receiving? First I recommend making sure your card meets all of the following requirements: 


1. Your card must not have expired. 
2. The country set in your Spotify account profile must match the country where your card is registered. If you intend to use a payment method in another country, you can make this selection on your Subscription page (We can only accept payment from our launch countries). 
3. Your card should be enabled for e-commerce transactions (Verified by Visa/Mastercard securecard card). 
4. Your card must be open to be used for foreign purchases. 
5. There are some banks that require other security authentication, the most common being 3DSecure. 

Once you have checked all of the above, please try again to subscribe from the subscription page of your account. 

So the message I'm getting is "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area" whenever I try to upgrade my account from Unlimited to Premium. I've cancelled my subscription for anti-autoblling reasons, and I tried to re-insert my Visa Electron a couple of times, only to be billed 0.01€ twice, and later having account management page tell me I haven't inserted a payment method.



Many thanks for the help and support from you and the spotify support team.


My codes havebow been accepted and I am finally a premium member.


Thanks again.

@j0lssoni - Visa Electron cards tend not to allow re-occurring payments - the sort of system that Spotify works on. 

However, you might be able to bypass this by using a PayPal account:

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