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Cannot Connect to Facebook Friends

Cannot Connect to Facebook Friends

I just set up my Spotify account and when I click on Find Friends on the right of my desktop app, only one person shows up in the results list. After I follow them and click Find Friends again another single person will show up. I am connected to Facebook, I tried to disconnect and then reconnect Facebook. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the application. I also tried restarting my computer several times.


I am not sure if this has to do with the ongoing issue with Activity Feeds. I just started using Spotify and wanted to connect with friends so I COULD have an activity feed, but I can't get that far. Help?



spotify bug.PNG
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Hi @caseymae, welcome to the community!


In this instance, I would recommend that you perform a clean reinstallation of Spotify. Follow the instructions in this article for update-to-date instructions on how to do this on your device.


Thanks, and have a lovely day!

I'm having the same problem.  When I go to "Find friends", ony one friend shows up.  If I follow them and go back to find friends, another one friend shows up and this behaviour carries on.  I alway used to be able to see all of my spotify friends until around about 2 days ago.  When I go to my following page, I can see two Friends that I am following from before this happened, but they don't show up in the "Find Friend" list, nor in my activity feed.  This is happening on multiple computers.


Thing's I have tried:

1) Rebooting

2) Logging out and back in - both via Facebook and my Spotify login

3) Clearing the cache and fully reinstalling Spotify

4) Unlinking Facebook from within Spotify, logging out and back in and then relinking

5) Logging out of Spotify on all devices, unlinking Spotify from within Facebook, and logging back in

6) Ensured the Spotify has full permissions to facebook, specifically access to the friends list.


Wondering if this may be a bug with a recent update?

Hey @mesoniclake847,


You can search for friends inside the mobile app using the search tab, that should allow you to follow your friends.


Hope this helps, thanks!

I actually have already done that and it is still giving me the same issue. I have now reinstalled twice and it continues to give me issues.


Any suggestions?

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