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Cannot Login in to the Web Player

Cannot Login in to the Web Player





Operating System

Windows 10


The web player worked until about a week ago. Now whenever I try to login, the pop-up that usually appears for a split second now displays the following error message:


INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

I have tested this on both FIrefox and Chrome. I reset my password to confirm that wasn't the issue. If anybody could help solve the issue it would be greatly appreciated.


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Try via this link and see


That link is how I usually open Spotify. It is where the error code comes from.

Ok, hard to see what is the problem, but

  1. Remove Spotify then
  2. remove also all files in your Sportify dir (if exisits😞
    for example: C:\Users\YourCompName\AppData\Roaming\Spotify
  3. Restart computer and install Spotify again

 It might help otherwise you might need to clean your REGISTRY as well

same problem here...

same problem here, on linux the popup with error stays on screen

the workaround i find is playing any song from the app on my device for a moment, then it lets me use the web app

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