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Cannot Login

A couple days ago Spotify logged me out of all of my devices. It started showing me error code 404, telling me my login had failed. I have always logged in through Facebook and this is no longer working for me. I know my Facebook information is still correct as I have tried logging out and back in and even removing the Spotify app from there and trying to reconnect it. When I try from my Mac it tells me "desktop communication has failed (when I try hitting the "login with Facebook" button). Now when I try just logging in on Spotify with my Facebook credentials, it tells me I have already created an account with that email and will not let me sign in. I seem to be at a dead end and am not sure where to go from here.
Thanks for the help!

Quick side note... This is not the account I am having trouble with. Since I could not log into the other one, I had to create a new one to post this.
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Quick side note.... I had to create a new account to post this... This is not the account I am having trouble with! Thanks again.

I am having the same issue (currently on an account set up to respond to this, like yourself)...


I contacted Spotify via twitter and their response:

"We’ve sent an email your way to explain that the password you use for Spotify has been proactively reset. There’s more information in the email, and feel free to give us a shout if you have any concerns /AK"


Now, because of this I realise that the email address I signed up with years ago is now no longer in use... Therefore I have no way of accessing the email to see what is going on! They havent responded to my numerous follow up messages. Like yourself I can no longer access anything to do with that account! So is your email address you signed up with still active?

I will let you know what Spotify say if they ever get back to me...

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