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Cannot Reset Password (No Email)

Cannot Reset Password (No Email)

I am posting under a friends account because I can't reset my password. I'm not recieving any emails from Spotify. This started with that security breach, but I marked it up as just heavy load and forgot about it. How can I regain control of my account?


It's not in my spam folder, I have never owned premium on my account, and I am unable to login with my username/password.

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Hey @JeremyDubz,


Thanks for getting in touch with us through the Spotify Community.


In this case, we'd suggest giving it one more try using an incognito window on your current browser using this link: Clearing cache and cookies would be a good idea too. 


Let us know how you get on.

Thanks that worked, I recieved the email, but it still wouldn't let me reset (it just said the form has expired). I opened the reset link in private/incognito window and everything works just fine now.

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