Cannot change email or password


Cannot change email or password

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My spotify account is linked with facebook (unfortunately) after looking at my profile today my account had some temporary email on it "**yop mail**". A few months ago my account was hacked and my account was playing random music on devices I did not own. I changed my facebook password and thought nothing of it, but now I cannot change my spotify info as it does not recognize my email (the one linked with my facebook) it does not recognize my password either (again the same one linked with facebook) I am at a loss of how to regain control of my account and I wish facebook was not completely integrated as it has caused nothing but issues for me. If I pay for spotify I should be able to change my account details.




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Re: Cannot change email or password SOLVED

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I had to reach out to spotify through twitter and they set me up with an online chat. Through them they were able to reassign my account to the proper email and disconnect my account from facebook.


Re: Cannot change email or password


If the account was indeed created with your facebook user, then there's not much you can do, as the account only exists with FB. The only possible solution is to create a new user (one without FB) and transfer all of your existing playlists to it. This transfer can be achieved through the "spotify online chat", where the. online support will transfer all of your data (with one exception: your suscription) to another account.