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Cant log in

Cant log in

Simple log in   i just press log in and no progress  keeps show me the regular log in page with no coment or any error message.  Even tried many times changing the password (which is not the problem) bit still can't log.    HELP!!!


6 Replies

Are you having the same issue trying on another devices?

Well, through my computer I can log in, only through my mobile app, log in doent work. 

I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), Version Android 7.0. I have already tryed reinstalling Spotify to its latest Version and restarting my phone.


This is happening in the App:

If my password is wrong, it displays the error message "Your email and password combination does not match a Spotify account. Please try again". If the password is correct, the login button turns to "LOGGING IN ..." and turns back to "LOGIN" without any error message. The login with my laptop is working and I also tryed changing the password.

Same thing is happening to me.  Be great if Spotify could address this...

Even after two app updates there is no fix of the problem... 

I have actully manage to enter the app after changing the password (a few times but finally made it)

Try this as well. 

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