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Cant login via facbook anymore.

Cant login via facbook anymore.


Okey so my spotify just randomly logged out from my pc. Which was abit weird but didnt think any of it, until I tried login back in. I have always logged into via facebook. Since I havent made any account (I made this one just to write this question). Im still logged into with my phone, but afraid to try logging out, since I might not get in. I have tried every email I have, non is existing withing the spotify libary. So I went to facebook to see if my account was connected, and it said so. But when logging in to spotify it says it isnt. Trying to reset password with the email I use on facebook, spotify just say that incorrect username or password. My username which it says on my spotfiy profil on my phone just sends password reset, but I dont know which email that sends to. Non of mine atleast. What can I do? I feel like I've tried everything except disconnecting my facebook with spotify through facebook, but afraid I will just loose the account forever. I have my payment with premium and alot of playlist I dont want to loose. So making a new account isnt really something I would consider. Thank you so much for helping. 

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Have you recently changed your facebook password? Or maybe you updated the privacy settings for Spotify on Facebook and it can no longer access it?

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