Cant see my Facebook Friends on Spotify


Cant see my Facebook Friends on Spotify


Hi .


I created my account on spotify using my facebook but when I try to view friends connected nothing appears.

None of your friends are on Spotify.
Any  help ?
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still not showing up 😞 are there any more solutions?



Thanks amwest23!


This solution worked for me.


I deleted the APP from FB and inmediately appeared a window on the Spotify desktop asking to connect with FB again .

I installed again teh app and now is showing my contact list.


(Note) In my case IT was not necessary to uninstall the app from my PC. only I removed from FB


PD: In my case I think that the issue came when I did the sync of the app on FB in that moment my settings on FB were blocking the app to access to my friends list.



This is still not working for me. When I connect to FB, it does not prompt me to allow the spotify app permission to view my friends list. It only asks for permission to view my public profile. I don't see any way to grant the app permission to view my friends list and without that permission, obviously it won't know if any of my friends are Spotify users.


i created my spotify account through facebook, it is connected to my profile and it says it is and always has been. But it still thinks i have no friends on facebook 

I just posted my full experience in a different thread, but here's my general suggestion:


Make sure you try looking at every Spotify interface -- desktop app, web player, and phone app. In my case, the desktop app reported I had 0 friends no matter how many times I reinstalled or reconnected on Facebook. However, it turns out my full friend list was available on my phone app (Android), and after I used it to add one friend, the list showed up in the desktop app and web player as well.


I hope this works for some of you!


Perfect, only one on 10 different threads who fixed my problem.


So by following this, I will lose all of my saved music and playlists?

No, your playlist is saved in the Spotify servers and your music is encrypted in your device, you will recover everything after login with your user and password.

I can see my facebook friends except somebody who also has spotify


I already connected with my facebook account, but I can't see my friends. Can you help me? 


Hi Daniel. Can you install the phone app and see whether you have the same problem there?


This solution just worked for me:


1. On your PHONE app, click the menu in the upper left corner.

2. Click on your name to go to your profile with your facebook profile pic.

3. Click the little add friend button in the upper right,

4. When prompted, log in to Facebook and authorize Spotify (this took a couple tries but eventually told me I had already authorized Spotify).

5. Return to your profile pic page and click the add friend button again. Your Facebook friends should show up!

6. Close and re-open the desktop app and click Find Friends. They should show up!


This worked for me. I exclusively log in to Spotify via Facebook. The key was trying to find friends and authorizing Spotify through my phone app. Good luck!

rossypants, that was basically what worked for me, too. Cheers!

Didn't work for me. When tapping the add button I just get an error.


Hi! I am still having problems after following all the steps outlined in the answer about solving this issue. In fact, my Spotify account was already connected to my Facebook account. But when I go to Activity (in the desktop app) and click "View All", I get an error message. The same happens when I try "Find Friends". Any ideas how to solve this?


I solved it by disconnecting from Facebook on the Desktop App and then connecting to Facebook from the Mobile App.


Hope This Helps



I am connected to FB, but still get the message that 0 friends are on Spotify



From what I gather if you have your spotify connected with facebook and someone that isnt your friend on facebook tries to find you then they wont be able to (if they search using your full name) but if they search using "spotify:user:(yourspotifycode) - this can be found on your "reset password" page on desktop- they should be able to find you.
i havent been able to test this with people im not friends with on facebook but it works if i search myself up using that - i cant find myself if search using my full name.

I hope this works cos i have a 21st playlist set up that the Bar I am having it at said they will just search my spotify..

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Log out all your Spotify app inlcuding Spotify on iOS or Android, and all the Spotify Apps you have. 


And on the desktop version of Spotify at log in with your FB account without clicking the "Log in with Facebook" button, manual type in the account and password field.


This works for me =D


For those who also have this issue, try this:

1. Link your facebook to spotify.

2. Log out spotify.

3. Log in spotify by facebook instead of email.

4. Your Library > Left top profile picture > FIND FRIENDS.

5. Done.

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