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Changing Phone Contract, need help.

Changing Phone Contract, need help.

So I am giving away my phone to a friend of mine and he is taking over my cellphone contract, which also includes Spotify premium. He wants to use Spotify too and my new phone contract will include Spotify too, which means all my playlists will be gone. The accounts are paired to the cellphone-numbers, so there is no way I could use my old account and he can use the one from the new contract.


Is there any way to move my playlists over to my new account and delete them on my old account after that? 


It is really important for me to keep my playlists since they are a collection that I put together in using Spotify for almost a year. 


Any help and answers will be appreciated.


Thank you!



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I'd suggest you drop the official Online Customer Support a note and explain what you want to do.

If you get an automated answer, just reply directly to it and your case will be picked up by one of the Spotify support staff. 😉


If you don't have too many playlists you might also drag them one at a time to the desktop with the left mouse button.

A shortcut of that playlist will be created and you can open it in a new account and save it there - or just drag it back to the sidebar.


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