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Charged twice per month in my Credit Card

Charged twice per month in my Credit Card

Need help!

I've been charged twice since November 2016.

Spotify charges me every 14th of the month using my account. But i noticed that there are other charges in other dates. (Currency in Philippine Peso)


1. 10/24/16  Spotify P00F2535C7 Stockholm SWE 194.00
2. 11/22/16  Spotify P011FBBECE Stockholm SWE 129.00
3. 12/22/16  Spotify P0155E0827 Stockholm SWE 129.00
4. 01/22/17  Spotify P018A1CB78 Stockholm SWE 129.00
I don't know why I am charged with this and I noticed that the first one, I am charged with a family account then the rest with the usual premium account.
Please help me figure this out because if this continues, total amount would be too much!
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Hey @Lauraleatherlac,


Do you get email receipts for your subscription purchases? Search for one of them in your email account. In it, the Spotify username you're paying for is shown:


Username/ID:        xxxxxxx

If you're getting charged twice or more, it probably means you're paying more than one account. Checking your receipts is a way to confirm that.


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