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Claiming artist profile issues

Claiming artist profile issues




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My music came out on Spotify yesterday and I am trying to claim my artist profile, but I keep getting emails saying "we need more information to verify you own this profile". I have linked both of my social media accounts during the process, but they can't seem to verify me from that. I do not have any other social media accounts, I do not have an artist website and I am not in any management company. I am completely independent. I have sent 3 claim requests so far and all have been denied. If I can't be verified from linking my Instagram and Twitter, I have absolutely no other way of accessing my artist profile. I am really frustrated and are not enjoying the experience at all.


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I think you should reach out to some music distributor. And they'll help you with your artist profile.

I used a free distributor,, and I doubt they would be able to do anything. Is there something I am missing from my social media which makes Spotify deny my request?

Sorry, I don't know. I'm not an artist actually.
But I think maybe you should also have Discogs and Facebook profile with your real name and Apple Music & iTunes Store with your stuff?

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