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Collaborative Follower Not Showing Up

Collaborative Follower Not Showing Up

I am trying to make a collaborative playlist that my friend can listen to and add songs.


I sent her the link and got an email that she is following the playlist - however, when I click on my playlist it shows that I have 0 followers.


Can she see the songs/get notifications when I add songs? / How will she have the ability to add songs?


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Hey @jpaloger! Welcome to the community ^^


Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to show the actual amount of followers. 

And the easiest way to find out if sees the update is to ask her.

Be sure that you've clicked on the collaborative button. ^^


After that she should be able do add/delete songs.


I hope it helped you. ^^


I have the same issue. It's not consistent. I had limited success having the follower(s) stop following the playlist, and then follow it again. For other playlists (I share almost 50 of them with my GF, sibilings - it's a cool feature!), they have been stuck at 0 followers no matter what I try. I have confirmed that the others are definitely following (you can view their playlists, find the collaborative playlist, and see that they are following it). 


It's a bug.

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