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Problem Changing Country

Problem Changing Country

Hello. I'm US-based, and am trying to switch my country from the UK to the US (I used my UK bank account to pay for the last month, but need to switch back to using a US card). I have a premium subscription. 

Within the 'change country' window, I'm able to access the drop-down window, and then click on the 'USA' option. But when I then click on the green 'Change To USA' icon, all that happens is that the 'Loading. Please wait...' message appears in the background and never succeeds in registering the change. 

This is the case within Chrome, Firefox and IE, and also via the Android app. I've tried logging in and out, as well as trying to change country by entering new card details first and then switching to the US when prompted - exactly the same thing happens each time.

Might this be a glitch with the website?

Thank you!

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Hey there!

This is something for our Accounts team. Get in touch via or via Twitter @SpotifyCares.

Let us know how it goes.

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