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Connecting/Reconnecting to Discord

Connecting/Reconnecting to Discord







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So my friend was having trouble connecting Spotify to Discord.  He had an old Spotify account connected so he disconnected it from Discord.  When he pressed on the Spotify icon on the connections tab, he was redirected to the page that should of been the page to connect the two apps.  The page instead looked like this:


So I though I would unconnect my own Spotify account to see what happens, with the intent to see if I had the same problem.  Sure enough I encountered the same page when I clicked on the icon.  Curious, I tried connecting through Discord on my phone.  The same page was shown.

I am guessing that it is not a problem with our Discords being messed up from unconnecting our accounts and instead a problem with the Spotify page itself.  Both of us are still unable to connect our Spotify accounts.  Could anyone help solve this or shed some light on this?


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I tried the same thing now and it worked just fine.


Maybe try this link which shows up at the bottom to use another account:


if that also doesn't work try to go to  and remove access for discord and try it again then.

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