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Country Change

Is it possible to change my country before I move home on premium? I have a cancelled credit card as my billing card but have 6 weeks of travel before I move back to Australia. The cancelled card will not be able to renew the monthly account when i get billed in two weeks.


But I can't change my card details as it asks me to change the country first. When I try to change my country this section is greyed out and will not produce a drop down box in my 'edit profile' section. Do I need to wait until I am in australia? 

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Hey there !

I have the same issue i cannot change de country and by this way the credit card as well. it seems that nobody answer us, did you find a way out ?

I'm in the same loop here now for a few months as well, paying for 2 spotify accounts (want to change from a facebook connected account to a non facebook connected account).


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