Crossfade Question ?


Crossfade Question ?

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Hi Guys,


I was missing on a big, big feature on using Spotify uptill now, as I did not know what does the Crossfade Feature woulddo ? I wanted to back to back Tracks just like a DJ plays the Next Track Just starts to come up slowly when the current Tracks is about to finish. So I was having a long discussion with Spotify Help on Twitter when finally the Eureka Happened and he said have you tried Cross Fade ?

Now my Gripe is Crossfade works well with your saved Playlist not so much for when you are playing songs from Radio. My question to you guys is, and I need help here. Someone told me the Ideal Crossfade time should be 6 Secs which is half of what is available ?


But I see some Tracks have 4 mins of silence in the end and some 8 mins so I have kept it at 8 Secs do you think is that good ? What would you guys reccomend to keep as the Crossfade Time ?


I know this also lot depends on what kind of music is being played ? And I am talking about Techno, Progressive House kind of DJ Music ? As in we play in a Party and a Night Club ? so Keeping that in mind ? How much Cross fade should I keep ? My feeling is around 7-8 secs ? how much do you guys say ? What is the average silence time in a Track at the end when the Song ends but the Track keeps rolling till it finished its time duration ? How much is the average silence time in the end of Tracks ?



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Re: Crossfade Question ?

Hey there,

The crossfade feature is more for personal preference and not really meant as a "DJ tool". It's meant to keep the flow into your listening session. Some people like it, others like listening to playlists with some silence in it - much like a radio or CD.
Also, there is not such things as a perfect crossfade timing. I say, play around with it until you find something that suits you and your music. You can always adapt on the fly.

The amount of silence at the beginning or end of a track depends on the master file the artist delivers to either the portal or their label/distribution. I've had a lot of cases in which artists deliver a track with more than a minute of silence (mostly due to them not paying attention when exporting). Luckily, it's mostly picked up on time by the label to be adapted. But in some cases, tracks have no silence at the end and others have a few seconds or more. It all depends on the artist and how they deliver.

Spotify was testing a feature for certain official Spotify EDM playlists in which the tracks would be beat matched and thus making for an almost flawless mix.

Hope this answers your question.