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Desktop App starts playing the same queue when switching to another Spotify Connect device

Desktop App starts playing the same queue when switching to another Spotify Connect device






Samsung S8+, Yamaha RX-A1080, Windows 10 Notebook, ipad 2018

Operating System

(iOS 11.3, Android Pie, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

When using the Windows Desktop App, whenever I select to play on another Spotify connect device (even the webplayer), the same queue is started with the same song. I can't switch to another playlist or perform anything on the selected Spotify Connect device. The same happens, when I use the Android App and select the Yamaha AVR as the Spotify Connect Device (same behaviour as when using the windows desktop app). I always end up starting the same queue with the same song (the song restarts after about 15 seconds and then continues to play.

What can I do, to get my spotify functionality again.

I've already logged off all devices and reinstalled multiple times the apps.

Please advise. Right now I can't use spotify to listen to music on my Stereo equipment.

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Hey there @user-removed,

thanks for posting !


As a first and basic step i'd recommend checking this Spotify answer and use it to perform a clean reinstall on all your devices.


However, ift this didn't help, please make sure to check out this help page and have all your queue lists empty before trying again.


Let me know how it goes 😃

Hi OneByBoo,


I tried all of the recommendations provided in your post:

  1. Uninstalled all applications including ensuring that all spotify data is deleted on the device
  2. Disconnected all logins in the account settings
  3. Deleted all offline devices in the account settings
  4. I even resetted my Yamaha AVR
  5. Reinstalled the Desktop App
  6. Logged in via the Desktop App.

When the Yamaha Receiver showed up as a spotify connect device, I selected the AVR and immediately the queue showed up and was played on the AVR. The green  bar at the bottom of the desktop app that I'm using the AVR did not show up.

I then redid all of the above. Now I'm at the point where I can select the AVR as a spotify connect and it displays the green bar at the bottom, that I'm using the AVR now. Then when it starts to play the queue on the AVR I can select another song or playlist to play, it plays the song, however in the lower left corner the song display stays on the first song of the queue.

I'm puzzled. Somehow the queue stays with my user account, even when logging off and uninstalling and then reinstalling the Spotify App and logging on again.

I created another account (a free spotify account) and when I use the credentials of that account, then all works as expected. So my suspicion seems to be validated: Something got stored in my account which triggers the strange behaviour.

I have written a mail to Spotify customer support now.

Hey @user-removed,

thanks for updating me!


Let me know how it goes and reply back to the post in case further help is needed 🙂

ok, contacted Spotify support. They verified with a test account, that all works fine with a different account. I ended up creating a new account and spotify support copied my playlists over to the new account. Now all works as before. However I lost my listening history.

I hope this was a one time hiccup.

Hey @Andy0071,

thanks for the update !


I'm glad to hear it all works now.

Don't hesitate to reply back to the post if further help is needed


Enjoy Spotify 🙂

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