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Disable repeat

Disable repeat

Inevitibly, I end up playing entire playlists and radio stations several times before I notice they're being repeated.


I really do not like this, I never want to play a song or playlist on repeat.  I know how to disable this on a one-off basis.  I should not have to!  Why should a user have to uncheck repeat several times per day?  A user should be able to set the default to "do not repeat", and/or permanently remove the repeat option.

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Hi there @dstaple2231,

thanks for reaching out !


The repeat option is a choose-click option same as the shuffle one.


What i'd like to ask is if you're unchecking it and it turns on by itself ?

If that's the case, i'd totally recommend performing a clean reinstall (a bit different) following the steps provided here.


If this isn't the case, please make sure to send me a screenshot of what you see on your screen while playing the app.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂


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