Disabling multi device connections

Disabling multi device connections








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windows 10 desktop client


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I love the multi device connection feature as I love switching between my work computer, home computer, and mobile devices, but there is one big issue I am hoping to get fixed. Currently when I am signed into my account on my work PC everyone else in my entire office can and will control my spotify account becuase they can control it using the multi device system since we are all on the same network. I am curious how to limit the conncetions tied to my account so that this does not happen anymore. Thanks

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Hey there @rico0j,

thanks for posting !


It sounds like you wants to disable Spotify Connect when you're at work so other work computers won't see  your device on the device picker, am i correct ?


If so, unfortunately, this is not possible because all the devices are working on the same network.


However, you can switch your app to Offline Mode and use it to listen to music. This should make your work computer disappear from the list of available devices. For further info and ideas that were implemented in the community click here.


Hope this helps 😃

Sorry for latching onto your post.  

I'm seeing the same issue, in a number of ways.  I've searched the forum for how to limit stuff - it's not even that they're on the same network.  I can be on my home network and play Spotify on a device hundreds of miles away (which I've connected to in the past).  I've personally destroyed a speaker drive unit by making an accidental connection to my home hifi while driving.  Even more worrying to me, people remote from me can - well, could! 🙂 kick off my amplifier, which I'd like to be able to restrict.


I've tried looking through Community suggestions and it seems this has been brought up a number of times, but because the 'idea' hasn't had enough 'me too' votes, Spotify doesn't seem to think it's a problem.   So I thought I'd try to raise it anew.  But I can't seem to add an entry to the community.  I've been a Premium user and community member for years, but haven't ever tried contributing, largely as I've not found anything terribly wrong before this.   Could you please explain how I (or someone) could refresh this topic and see if we can get a wave of interest.  Seems to me it's a big weakness in what is undoubtedly a great feature.

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