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im having some "issues" with discover weekly.


for some reason im getting alot of music from finland.. i dont speak a single word of finnish...


is there anyway to reset discover weekly preferences? its like 30-40% of the list is music i cant understand.





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Hey @polyamorous, Welcome to the community! 🙂


Strange, I have escalated this to Spotify, we should get an answer soon 🙂





Thank you 🙂

have u heard anything back from them?? :=)

today its alittle less foreign music, but still abit annoying.

im sure they gotta have a reset function.


Hey @polyamorous


I apologize it seems something went wrong with the escalation process i have escalated it again and we should have a reply soon 🙂

Hey @polyamorous


Just heard back from spotify


Could i ask you to listen to your normal music again this week and report back next week Monday when your Discover weekly is updated again? do you still get lots of finish music?

and here i was, thinking i was listening to "normal" music the whole time.. hahah.


this monday there is less, but still some.


do they have any reset function??







Well they want to see the results of your Discover weekly this coming Monday, whether or not they changed anything I don't know 🙂

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