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Double Payment

Double Payment


Hey i recently changed to a student premium and got charged twice in one month, is there a solution for my money back?

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Hey @adelos, welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!

Sorry to hear this. If you’ve been charged twice I recommend looking at this Spotify Answer for more information.

I hope this helps! 🙂

 it did not help i know the nature of my premium subscription, and i got charged twice one for student and one for normal premium even though i switched already. Wheres @realspotify employee that can actually help me get my funds back.

Hey @adelos,


Thanks for your reply 🙂


I'd recommend having a look at this FAQ about the refund policy Spotify has.


If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask 🙂

Yea I have two questions:

1) when can I get my money back and or have something exchanged?


2) wheres SpotifyAustralia/Liasion or any employees direct so I can commence legal action soon because this was an unauthorised exaction from my bank account.


Unless you can get my money back or get a REAL SPOTIFY REPRESENTATIVE dont reply to this thread.

Hey @adelos.


Your Spotify Community Moderator team here 🙂 Thanks for reaching out.


If you've received a double charge several days apart, it's quite likely that you have two separate subscriptions on two separate accounts.


In order to see what's happening backstage with your account(s), we suggest you get in touch with our brilliant Customer Support team, who will be able to help you out further. Just follow this link 🙂

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch. We'll be right here!

Take care,


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