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Facebook Login Error

Facebook Login Error

Hello. I'm having trouble logging in with Facebook. Every time I tried doing it a pop up message came up saying "thare's an error with the app". Then it redirects and the page goes white with the message "Error 1006" on top. What should I do?

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It happened to me and I don't know what should I do too.

Go to app settings, remove spotify, then try login again. It worked for me.

Hi! I had the same problem when I tried to connect in my PC. Try this:
1. Enter your spotify account in your smarthpone
2. In your spotify account settings, connect your spotify account to your FB account
3. In your PC, log into spotify with your FB e-mail/cell-phone number and your FB password (don't click on login with facebook)
It worked for me
Good luck!

I triend changing my Facebook Pasword and it worked for me, I had the same problem yesterday 😞


See this thread in Ongoing Issues with a solution by deleting Spotify from your connected Facebook apps and reconnecting again.


Also having the same issue almost daily when attempting to use the web player. Removing the app from Facebook, then logging in again seems to do the trick, but this workaround is a few steps too many. Hope the real issue is fixed soon!

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