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Facebook account

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Hello all,


I have disabled my facebook account.

When I registered to Spotify I used the facebook button and now, when I login in Spotify, my facebook account is re-enabled back...

How can I prevent this?


Thanks a lot!


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Hi there.

Follow these steps below and Spotify will hopefully not be connected to Facebook:


Please note: It is highly recommended that you log in and cancel your subscription IF and ONLY IF you are planning to deactivate your Facebook and you have Spotify account created with Facebook , as once you have done that, you may not be able to log in to cancel. You may also want to log into your online profile and set all the email notifications to "Never" to stop Spotify sending you emails on that account. 


This serves as a "Do It Yourself" guide since it is the fastest way to disconnect from Facebook. If you have a premium/unlimited subscription or would rather have someone at Spotify assist you in doing this, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer services instead using the online contact form.



1.  Check your account type.

The method of how to disconnect from Facebook depends on how you originally created your account. 

  • If you have a dedicated Spotify username and password, then go to step 2a.
  • If you created your Spotify account using Facebook, and therefore log in using your Facebook email address and password, go to step 2b. 
  • If you log in using Facebook normally, but are unsure if you created your Spotify account using Facebook or a Spotify username, log into your online profile using your Facebook details. If you see a username consisting of ten digits you're likely using a Spotify account created through Facebook. and need to go to step 2b. 


2a. Disconnect from Facebook.

Since you have a dedicated Spotify account, disconnecting from Facebook is easy.faq facebook disconnect.png

In the desktop client:

  • Windows - Go to Edit > Preferences > Social Network > Disconnect from Facebook.
  • Mac - Go to Spotify > Preferences > Social Network > Disconnect from Facebook. 

Once you have done that, your Spotify account is no longer linked to Facebook, you need not continue any of the steps below. 


You may find due to data caching in the client, that you still see Facebook information (such as the People list) hanging around, a quick clean reinstallation of the application should fix that for you. 


If you can't see the option to connect/disconnect, then you are logged into a Spotify account created with Facebook not a dedicated Spotify one. 


2b. Create a new account.

Disconnecting from Facebook is not possible if you have a Spotify account created with Facebook.


You can obviously select not to share your activity on Facebook from the Preferences menu, however, if you wish to completely disconnect then read on. 


If you wish to stop using your Spotify account created through Facebook, then you will need to create a new dedicated Spotify account from the signup page which should now be available in all launch countries. Once you have done that, make sure to note down your new Spotify username and password and keep them in a safe place. Continue to step 3. 


The easiest and quickest way to move your playlists from one account to another is explained in steps 3 and 4. Since there is no way to directly transfer playlists from one account to another, this process subscribes your new dedicated Spotify account to the playlists on your old Spotify account created via Facebook.


3. Backup Playlists

The easiest and quickest way to backup your playlists is to sign into your Spotify account created with Facebook and simply drag and drop them from the left sidebar of the desktop client onto your desktop, or into a folder. This will store links to those playlists locally. 


 faq backups.png


4. Restore Playlists

Log into your new dedicated Spotify account, created in step 2b.


Now, drag and drop your playlists from your desktop (or folder) into the Spotify client, and they should reappear. These playlists won't be editable, since they are still "owned" by your old account. However, once you have got them into the client, if you want to make them editable you just need to make a new Playlist (File > New Playlist) and then copy and paste all the tracks from the uneditable one into the new one. You can also drag a subscribed playlist to the "New Playlist" button which will instantly copy the playlist and make it owned by you (Thanks Stupify for this awesome tip!)


The fastest way to highlight all the tracks is to click on the playlist, press Ctrl/Cmd+a and then press Ctrl/Cmd+c to copy them. Then navigate to your new playlist and press Ctrl/Cmd+v to paste. Continue to step 5 (if applicable).


5. If you have an unlimited/premium subscription…

There is no easy way for you to transfer an unlimited/premium subscription from one account to another.


The simplest and fastest way to get back up and running is to simply unsubscribe from the subscription page on your old Spotify account created using Facebook and then resubscribe on your new account. I would recommend you cancel and then use up all your remaining premium days on your old account before you subscribe again, you have already paid for them!


6 (Optional). Request the removal of your Spotify account created using Facebook.faq logo.jpg

If you wish to request your Spotify account created through Facebook be disabled then please read and follow the instructions in this topic.


I would strongly suggest that if you do not do this step, that you at least log into your online profile on your old Spotify account created with Facebook and set all email notifications to "Never" to stop Spotify sending you any emails. 


Once you have completed the required steps above, you should have a complete Spotify account which is not in any way connected to Facebook. 


Mark this as a solution if this solved your problem. Thanks 


Re: Facebook account

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is there a new solution for that?

I still having facebook just because spotify and I don't want to delete my spotify account only for disabling my facebook...