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Fake account?

Fake account?

When  wanted to open Spotify, I was actually loggout. Then I tried to log in as usual with my nickname and the acess was refused, so I tried with my email and again, acess refused. Finally I managed to log in with Facebook.


When I checked my account to see what was going on, I see that my email had been remplaced by:

Adresse e-mail


This email isn't mine, and I've never changed it! My email is actually


My password has been changed too, I can't do anything except connect with Facebook.


So please I need some help, please contact me at I send a message to the support, but they said they would give me an answer at this hacked email, so it is useless.


Thanks :S

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Send an e-mail to Spotify support team, they will ask a few questions about your account and ask for payment record.


Also, change your e-mail password to be safe.

How can I send them an email and be sure that they will answer me at the right email? Should I send it to:  ? Thanks

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