Family Plan Problem

Hello! I'd like to add my husband to my family premium plan but it says no matching adresses. I don't remember what I wrote as my adress. (did I shortened it, or changed it etc) I've tried every possible adress options but I can not find what I wrote that page.

We are newly married and one of us had changed country. We can't change the country section either. He doesn't one a new spotify account, we don't wanna lose our playlists and everything. There must be solution for that! We should be able to change our adresses! 

Thank you!

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Hello @bburcuceylan and welcome!


I recommend you to cancel your current family plan and start a new one. Your husband has to enter the exactly same address as you, so if you don't remember it, it's a real problem. You can't edit it, you have to make a whole new family subscription.


Have a nice day 🙂

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