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 Hello and thank you in advance. For the last few months when I press the "Find Friends" option on the bottom of the "Friend Activity", I get a "none of your Facebook friends are on Spotify" even though I know for sure that a lot of them are. Before I started getting this message the app was showing my FB friends using Spotify correctly and they definitely weren't 0 :P. (Sry for posting this twice, didn't know how to edit in order to add the device/system info)

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Hey @Psyvagg, welcome to the Community!


Can you make sure Spotify can see your friend list on Facebook? To check this, go to your Facebook settings > Apps > Spotify. Make sure Friends List is checked.


After that, log out and back into Spotify a few times to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

I disabled and re-enabled the friend activity sidebar and now I can
actually see my FB friends. Ty for your help anyway <3.

Hey @Psyvagg.


We're glad to hear your friend's list is up and running again.


If anything else comes up, feel free to open a new thread.


All the best.

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