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Friend Feed completely broken

Friend Feed completely broken







Operating System

Windows 10 

My Question or Issue


For many weeks now, Spotify friend feed has been completely broken. The issues are not even specific, they seem to be completely random.


Most of the time, the music I am listening to does not even appear on the friends feed. The music that I play from my playlists never appears on the friends feed, however; the music from others' playlists sometimes does. In general my friends feed seems to update about once every 2 days. Sometimes it will even show me listening to music right now, but display songs I was listening to a long time ago.


This is not a personal issue, I have been discussing it with many of my friends recently and they have the same problem. Most of their activity won't show up and sometimes when it does, it displays the wrong songs. These issues have persisted for at least the past 2 months.


I and many others have been paying to use this service for years now and it is disappointing to see that it takes so long to fix such an important bug (the social aspect of the application is half of its charm). I hope this gets fixed soon.

2 Replies

I think everybody who cares knows. Spotify devs probably under pressure due to the data safety law. 

I have a similar problem : "ooops, impossible to load friends activity"

The song suggestion at the bottom of my playlists also disappear.

And when a playlist end, it will no more continue to play new songs to make me discover. It will just stop...


I talked about this with friends : some have the problem, some not at all... we are all using the windows 10 desktop app from the Microsoft store but I tested with the website .exe, it's the same...


Reinstalling seems to temporary fix everything, but as soon as I reboot the app, it's broken again.


The bad thing is that it only touches a few people. See on Reddit we are maybe 10 people complaining and every other people says, "I don't have any problem."


It happened since yesterday.

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