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Google Home and Premium - Not Linking


Google Home and Premium - Not Linking

Hi - I have a premium account.  I am logged into the premium account on the same device with the Google Home app.   I've logged out all other devices just to be sure.  Google Home keeps coming back with "Spotify requires a premium account to work with Google Home."   It is beyond frustrating.   Any help is appreciated.


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Not working with Samsung Browser. Just change your browser with google chrome and you're done!



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Hi, @SpotifyGoogle!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Could you try to unlink your Spotify account from your Google Home and then link them again following the steps here?


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need extra help. 


Have a great week 🙂 

Hi - This did not work.   BTW - the unlink is under MUSIC.   There is no menu item called Settings.  The instructions you linked might be outdated.   Nevertheless, when I unlink and relink in the Spotify section under music.   It does not work.   Still saying I need a premium account.  How can I work with a real person in real time that can fix this?

I'm having the exact same issue. All of the tutorials are out of date and the things we are told to tap aren't there. It will not let me UNLINK the music provider. It worked yesterday. Now all of my Googles Homes say I need to upgrade. My Spotify works perfect.

I have the same issue. Is there a fix? Is the premium account access restricted to certain countries?

Did you ever get a resolution? I just got google home and finally signed up for spotify premium and it's a shame that yu are willing to pay and Google sets it up and it's not working correctly with each other. When I input a song it says that I have to be a premium member. Hmmm... is this a way for them to make everyone's first month subscription before they find out it doesn't work and cancel because this sure is a good way to make some money.

I am experiening the same issue. I am trying to link my paid Spotify subscription but I keep getting "Something Went Wrong. Try Again." This is frustrating. 

I also just got one and am having the same issue

Also just got a google home and having trouble linking Spotify.  I'm able to make Pandora my default but not Spotify.


When I link my account, it always says "Something went wrong.  Try again."

Im having the same issue, but cannot find a solution, tried to reset and still doesn't work

it plays fine from my phone and iPad but doesn't connect to my googlehome


I’m having that problem also- just got one and will play music from other sources but not my premium Spotify. At first it said it was playing but just wasn’t. Then I unlinked and relinked my account a bunch of times and now even when it thinks it is linked on the app it says on the speaker that I need to link my account to play anything. Been working on troubleshooting this for probably an hour already, sigh.

*EDIT:  Others seem to be having the same issue. Temporary fix from the people on reddit in this thread is helpful! Waiting seems like the only solution.


Seems like this problem is coming up today out of nowhere - mine was working completely fine yesterday, and it stopped working as I was trying to play some Christmas music on Spotify since a few hours ago. 


My Spotify account was linked, so when I asked GH to play on Spotify it would acknowledge the request and say "Playing music on Spotify...", but no music would play. Google Play Music is still able to play music. I tried unplugging/plugging back in the GH, and also I tried unlinking my Spotify account so that I can relink it, but now I am not able to link at all and it tells me "Something went wrong. Try again."


Not sure if this is a GH issue or a Spotify issue.

mine finally started to work!! must’ve just been the overload of people getting new google homes for the holidays!

Mine just started working again as well. Hallelujah


I seem to have blundered into a fix for this - I was trying to upgrade standard spotify on GH to new premium account

Open GH app, click menu bars in top l/h corner. Go to account preferences then media accounts

This should show the link to spotify standard. Unlink and go back to media accounts.

Click media accounts again and it should show spotify premium as an option to link to*

It should then direct you to log in to your spotify account (*noting I was already logged in)


Probably a server overload... it ended up syncing and everything's good... I just wish there was a notice that would pop up to kind of clarify that there might be some technical difficulties so we just need to hold onto our horses for a bit. Because seeing this>>> connecting.....

For 5 minutes straight seems like an eternity! Especially when nothing happens after that. 

Im still having this problem, has Spotify responded at all? My GH app doesn’t have a Spotify premium choice. It also won’t give me the option to enter a different username/PW 

They haven’t, but I solved the issue by unlinking and then relinking my Spotify account.

I tried that 3x. It doesn’t give me the opportunity to change the Spotify account to a different username/password 

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