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im a new user from indonesia. ive paid my spotify premium via web because its a lot cheaper than via app. i paid in on some market that recommended by spotify itself. the problem is, when i want to redeem my code, it said that my code IS NOT VALID. can someone help me? thanks a lot ssry for that grammar tho
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Hello there @arctheist and welcome to the community!


I'm sure we can troubleshoot this 🙂 Have you tried redeeming your code after you've cleared the cache in your browser (or even opening an incognito window) ?


If it persists, you should contact Spotify either via their Twitter handle @SpotifyCares or by using the contact form so that a member of the staff can look into this for you. Just make sure to reply to the automated email you'll receive after you've used the form, even if it's a no-reply,

Support usually gets back within 24-48 hours.


Let me know how this worked!



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Hi @arctheist we encourage all users to only purchase Premium from our app or through iTunes. 


It sounds like you bought a Premium code from an unauthorized source which goes against our Spotify Terms and Conditions. Therefore we won't be able to help with this. If you have any other questions please get in touch through our contact form

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