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Here's an Idea

Dear Spotify, there is one simple thing I would like that if you included would likely keep me paying your fee untill you cease to exist. This simple thing is the ability to pay for 1-2 months in one go without subscribing. I just went to the shop to get a gift voucher as this is currently the only way to achieve this and the people at the counter after about 15 minutes couldn't activate it so now I'm stuck with Spotify Free with the god awful adverts.


I am not paying for a subscription, simple as that. I get the idea, you get people to subscribe so that if they forget that they want to opt out after the turning of the new month they get charged for another month. 




Just give me an option to online pay £10 for 2 months of Unlimited, no strings attatched.


I don't think it's a particularly unreasonable request yet for as long as you have existed you have never offered this opportunity.


Sort it out.

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Great idea!


Would you like to post it to right forum? This because in idea forum you can collect Kudos and get Status to your idea!



FIne but I'm just gonna rote copy and paste

Yes, do this. I add Kudos soon to this idea!

Hey! Good news--this is already implemented in the UK.


I'm sorry to hear you had some previous trouble with a gift card but we can certaintly help. You can also buy an e-card from the UK for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. You can get more info right here:


Have any payment/ gift card questions just use our contact form

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