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How do I turn off this ridiculous DJ voice?

How do I turn off this ridiculous DJ voice?

I listen to a wide range of music, but it's often classical... and I don't really appreciate this AI yo yo mofo telling me we're going to "hit it up" with some Chopin or some Mozart. It was funny for about 5 minutes, but now it's just annoying. I don't like his ridiculous accent. A clean/smooth/neutral accent would be far more appropriate, or at the very least, a way to turn it off. I like what's being played/queued but I don't like listening to this accent. How can I get rid of it?
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Please stop this absurd DJ voice, the feature is great but I will never use it if it keeps talking to me.

One of the good things about Spotify on AndroidTV is that it doesn't (currently, April '24) support the DJ Voice but still plays the playlist.


Spotify on AndroidTV is otherwise pretty terrible and under-featured but at least is has this one good limitation.

If Spotify is not willing nor incline to offer various voices options at the very least let the user turn off the annoying and frankly out of touch default voice, the DJ option is fine... but the voice itself its not.

Hahaha, your comment made my day. So funny 🙂


"and I don't really appreciate this AI yo yo **bleep** telling me we're going to "hit it up" with some Chopin or some Mozart

I don't understand why the DJ has to sound like Venus Flytrap - feels a bit like racial stereotyping. I'd just as soon have it sound like Johnny Fever. Then again, there's a bit of Les Nessman based on its pronunciation of David "Ben-oh-it". I love the way that it picks songs and genres. Hate the way it tries to fade one song into the next, sometimes cutting way too much off one end or the other and really, really hate that jive talking DJ.

Agree'd.  Let us change the voice from this beyond annoying one.

Not exactly very AI of it to be so singular in option..

Spotify is running out of ideas for profit and innovation. Companies always go from offering a nice streamlined product to chasing profit by bloating up their core product with things that degrade the user experience.


its fine to add things but DON'T CHANGE THE CORE FUNCTIONALITY when that is literally all that people want from your service. Make the DJ card a completely separate thing that people cant opt into. If i click play on my 'liked songs', I shouldn't hear an annoying voice saying nonsense, I should hear my music.





Please Spotify for the love of God!! Please let us turn the DJ off!! I like the mix of music, but don't like hearing the commentary and I don't need to be warned that the genre will change. I like to listen to music while listening to music, not people talking. Please allow us to have the AI mix without the annoying DJ scripts!! Please!!

yes.  please add an option to never hear the souless corporate hip-hop voice. 
it's innapropriate.

Those that disagree should watch this 50 times on repeat to get how we feel about it.  yo.

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