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I can't log on through facebook

I can't log on through facebook

Hello. I hope you guys can help me!


I had been using Spotify, logging on through facebook.


Then I tried to get the upgrade trial and kept getting an error. So I made a normal account, logged on and searched for friends through my facebook profile.


Ever since, I cannot get back onto my Facebook Spotify account.


I log out of everything, go to spotify, try to log on through facebook and get a message that says "You don't have a Spotify account connected to your Facebook account."


I don't understand what's wrong. I think that trying to access friends through another account somehow unconnected my original account.


Please help. I really don't want to lose my playlists!

4 Replies

I never had this issue myself but have you disconnected the first Spotify account to the Facebook? Might be because you cannot connect two accounts to the same Facebook profile.


Your playlist should be saved though since they will be saved through your FB account as far as I know.


Good luck with it, hopefully someone more experienced will be able to solve it for you if I can't.

Hey @Amlaith @Else

That's right. I'm afraid you can't link two Spotify accounts to the same Facebook profile 😞 Just to confirm, your first account was created through FB and then you created a new account without Facebook and when you're trying to link it to your Facebook account, the system wont let you do so. To fix this I would recommend that you get in touch with Spotify Customer Support and they can look into this for you. You can get in touch with them through the online form or if you have a Twitter account, feel free to tweet @SpotifyCares at anytime 🙂

Thanks for the replys!


Not exactly. I just put in my fb profile in my new account in order to find my friends' lists. I did this alright, but now I can't reach my first account. The one that exists through Facebook.


Also, I've also tried to reach customer service, but I got an automated answer saying I should try the forum...


Hey there! No worries 🙂

Can you please reply to that email and an advisor will be with you shortly

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