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I left Facebook and Spotify wiped my entire profile clean

I left Facebook and Spotify wiped my entire profile clean

I decided to deactivate my Facebook account, and noticed that Spotify automatically booted me from my account.  I signed back in, and they reactivated my Facebook account without my permission or knowledge.  As a result, I disconnected the Spotify account from Facebook and it wiped my entire profile - no playlists, no followers, no, nothing.  Every time I try to log into Spotify, it reactivates my Facebook but doesn't replace any of my playlists.  Please keep in mind I had a Spotify account BEFORE Facebook was required to sign up.


I have paid between $5-10 every month for over a year for this service, and they have destroyed my loyalty in the span of two hours.  I want this to be fixed or for them to return my money, because this is absolutely absurd.  I shouldn't have to choose between paying for money that I want to hear and my privacy.

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Hey there, I think this was all happily resolved via Twitter earlier, right?


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