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I'm done with Spotify

I'm done with Spotify


Premium (I just finished downloading all my music. Quitting in a few seconds.)




(Samsung Galaxy S8)

Operating System

(Android Pie)


My Question or Issue

I have over 20 **bleep** accounts and no matter how strong the password is, Facebook linked and not Facebook linked all my accounts got cracked I am so **bleep** off right now. I'm really done with changing the password all the time they get cracked no matter what. It's almost like they have authorization to access Spotify's whole database. It's been 3 years since I've started using Spotify but this has came to an end. Is it really that hard to add some protection like 2FA or something ? Jesus **bleep**ing Christ I'm done.


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Hello there, my friend!


I know that this is something so ridiculous. It has been a known issue (about accounts getting hacked), but don't be too harsh, my friend. Don't put the blame to someone if it's clear that it's not their fault. Don't point your fingers to someone else if you're not so sure.


Admit it or not, my friend, but it's not Spotify's fault. I mean, you can blame them that their security level isn't that so high (let's say if they only implement a 2 factor authentication like Facebook), but you can't blame them that someone gained an access to your Spotify account. It's not their fault at all. Do you think they hand over their database to someone else? No, that's not the "thing" here.


Let me ask you some questions to clarify some things...

1. Have you ever received an email from a "non-spotify" email address asking you to login to your Spotify account for some reason?

2. Did you ever click on any link and then used your Spotify credentials to login?

3. Have you connected your account to an app and/or login to a URL/website that's not a genuine Spotify website?

4. Did you tell anyone about your credentials?

5. Did you write your credentials to a piece of paper and then misplaced it?

6. Do you know anything about phishing links and apps?



There are so many reasons why accounts are being hacked_ it's 100% the user's fault. I have been using Spotify since 2016. And this issue never happened to me. It is us who carelessly use what we own.


I might sound rude, but I thank you for raising your concern out here in the Community!


Feel free to reach out directly to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter @SpotifyCares ( or through the online SpotifySupport (


Take note that if you are going submit a contact form (instead of sending a DM on Twitter), make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.

1. No I haven't.

2. No I didn't.

3. No I haven't.

4. No and no. Why would I do that?

5. Nope. Also I am almost certain that they are bruteforcing our passwords. 

6. I am a web developer myself. 


I am not putting the blame on Spotify. Of course they would not sell our info to anyone. What actually makes me angry is that Spotify never implemented any security protocol or measures. People keep selling accounts on websites and **bleep**, sometimes they are giving away thousands of cracked accounts for free. I have no idea why your account never got cracked. I change my password every 30 days and I think that my passwords would take some time to get cracked 🙂 But no matter what I do, they get cracked after some time. 



That's the price you pay... having Android.

Apple is so safe that it gets hacked by a 13yo kid.

These are bad times of course. Nothing is safe from hackers anyway.

If you have never clicked on a phishing link, I wonder why your account got hacked.


Well, yeah, if only Spotify implements a so-called 2-factor authentication, hackers will surely have a hard time accessing someone's account.


Do you wanna know my secret of keeping my account secured?


1. I never use mozilla firefox as a browser. I only trust google chrome.

2. I use an alphabumeric password, with uppercases and lowercases.

3. I check on it once every week.

It's not about using an android phone. And yes, iPhone is safe and it sücks!

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