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I’m unsure how to fix this issue ?

I’m unsure how to fix this issue ?

I’m ive Had a spotify account premium for years now and my brother used the same Mac book for his free account, it seems that my premium is linked to him as when he logs on and I’m on I play a track and it plays on his and over rides what he is listen to Is this possible? 


Now the the issue is I forgot my pass word and have been locked out. When I put in my email address (which I’ve tried all 2 off) there not recognised. I tried the user name and it says an email has been sent to reset password but I don’t receive one and my brother didn’t which I thought could be the most likely possibility. 


  • The issue i have now is, I’ve made this free account just to write on here and log in. But I’m still paying for a premium account every month but have absolutely no idea how to access it. How can resolve this. I just want one account linked to what I’m paying for that is only used for me.?


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Hey there @Gaz8!


Please use this link as it helps locating accounts under a specific user/mail address.

In addition, note that if you initialy created your account using FB there's a different process the needs to happen in order to retreive all.


Let me know how you did 😃

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