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Invalid postal code Canada

Invalid postal code Canada

Hi there - I am trying to sign up for the premium service but I kept getting an error message saying "enter a valid postal code". I know my postal code is correct and matches my credit card, but it won't accept it. Any ideas what I should do? Trying to give Spotify my money but they don't seem to want it!!


4 Replies

Sorry for the inconvenience 😞 Please contact Spotify support using their Twitter or contact form.
If they will reply with a no-reply email, reply to it, even though it is a no-reply.
Have a great day!


Hi Friend,


I know it might be a little late, but I will leave this here for others who come upon the thread.


I ran into this issue too, and being december 31st, the final day for the 3 month premium promotion.


I found out the reason why it wouldn't accept postal codes.


I went into my profile, and found out that my profile, when I created it, defaulted to the USA as my country.


So, even though the label says it wants your postal code, its really still expecting a ZIP code due to this silly defaulting upon profile creation.


Spotify team, maybe consider allowing us to select the country of residence on sign up (or default it to Canada when signing up through Spotify Canada website?)

The above thing worked, just find a fake zip code put it in where it says "postal code" then a pop up is going to come up and ask you if you want to switch to canada. When this happens it takes you to a different page and then you can sign up no problems.

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