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Is there a way to change the email adress (accout started with facebook)

Is there a way to change the email adress (accout started with facebook)



My Question or Issue


I've started my accout with facebook and I am aware I cannot disconnect it from my Spotfy account. But I am wondering if I can still change my email adress in any way. I've alredy changed it on Facebook, removed the old one, but my Spotify still states the same adress.
I dont use that email accout anymore, I'd like to completly get rid of it.
Is there any way to change my adress to the one that is used by my Facebook currently? 
Thank you. 

3 Replies

I suggest going to the account settings select edit profile then change your email adress

Hi ruthencja, 


you can update your email by accessing your Spotify profile here.


Let me know how it goes 🙂




Hey @ruthencja.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The email address in your account will automatically adopt the email address from your Facebook profile. It's important however that you haven't opted out of sharing your Facebook information with us. You can check if you've opted out by logging in our website and going to Privacy Settings.


Should do the trick. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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