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Login with facebook not working


Login with facebook not working

Unable to login to spotify desktop app (windows 7) with facebook login credentials.


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Hey folks, this is an incredibly old thread with 200+ comments ranging across seven years. This means there are numerous questions and issues in one thread.


In order for us to better help you with any log in issues you’re having in 2019, we’re going to close this thread so new threads can be made.


If you’re having trouble logging in via Facebook, it’s always a good idea to a clean reinstallation to be sure you’re on the latest app version.


It’s also good to check out our FAQs on Problems logging in as it highlights many possible scenarios you could be facing.


If you've unlinked your Facebook and Spotify it's good to review these steps on how to sign in as well. 


If none of those work, please post a new thread in Accounts and our Moderators or another knowledgeable Spotify user will help ASAP. Be sure to include:

  • Your device
  • Your device’s operating system
  • Spotify app version
  • Screenshots if possible (without sensitive information)

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


If you log into and then select the "Music" tab on the left hand side under "Apps" and click any Spotify link your Spotify client should launch with you already signed in 😉



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This did solve my login problem, TYVM.  I don't see a "Solution" button, but I did give you kudos.

I tried this but it never worked all i want to do is try the 30day trial but will not let me log in via the web using fb credentials any ideas? 

Do you get any error messages?

Spotify keeps telling me to go to the Community pages and find the answer.  I haven't "Found the Answer" and I've done each of the items I was told to do.  All I'm asking is for Spotify to send me a link so I can reset my password.  Why is Spotify unable to fulfill my request?

I'm also unable to login via facebook (and unable to get the premium via mobile app since i need to change my credit card data). Trying to log in by web player just hangs in there (the loading icon appears and nothing happens). Same stuff happens when I'm trying to log in into the website. I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.1 


Any ideas? 

@kdavis28120 You've lost me but, just follow the instructions here. If you have problems, please post again saying what went wrong and details of any error messages.

@Klakwa Can you try a different browser? If that won't work, try from an incognito window in Chrome.

Sorry, but your link to the solution does not work, gives error 404.


And your suggested solution only works for the web player. I think most of us here are concerned about the desktop app.


Changes are not always good...

What error message are you getting when you try and log in?

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This solution did not solve my problem. 

It seems the button to Log in using Facebook is ignoring my clicks. 

I'm using Chrome Web Browser Version 39.0.2171.65 m

@jrhalasz - Is that the login button on the desktop client login screen?

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I've recently had to reinstall the Spotify desktop client. Since I usually just select the, "Remember Me", option I don't have to log in every time I start up the program. However, I have to login because of the reinstall. This is where I'm beginning to have the same troubles the others in this thread are.


When I start up Spotify and reach the login screen, I select the blue, "Login with Facebook", option. The cursor changes into the spinning blue circle that usually means something is loading, waiting for something etc. This stops after a few seconds, but nothing follows. Same screen, no way to login with Facebook, no error message.


The previously suggested solution does not work in this instance.


I hope we can get this worked out.


Avid listener,


Hey @Roycliffe welcome to the Community. 


First of all, could you please confirm both the device you're using and the device's operating system? 


Please also try a clean reinstallation and let us know if you're able to click the 'Login with Facebook' button afterwards. Thanks!

I am having the same or a similar problem.

I click login with Facebook. A tab opens on my browser, before I see anything, the tab closes on my browser and I'm not logged into spotify.


This is on the desktop client in Windows 7. 

I am having the same issue...  I have even tried that cool trick where you use your facebook email and your facebook password and that does not work. I have uninstalled, re-installed, restarted, Tried to click on music to play in spotify, nothing.


I am running the current version since I downloaded it again about 15 minutes ago.  I have premium, and I am using windows 7 os.  When I try to log in the non facebook way it says "service is temporarily unvailable, please try again later."  When I try to use the 'log on with facebook, it opens a window in my chrome browser and that line says 'logging in to spotify' and it closes the window and makes the login to facebook button unclickable.  


All my updates are current on my computer.  My antivirus does not see spotify as a threat.  IE does not work either.  I have tried pretty much everything.  I am frustrated and really would like to have my music back.

So nothing... no solution... Trying to maintain the spam on forums... but not a single word is pretty dishearting... and makes me want to break things.  This isn't just a one person thing... this is something that needs a solution pronto... I am tired of listening to my spotify through my phone I want it back on my computer.  Lets fix this please.... before you add something else to the mix

I am having problems logging into Spotify as of 3 days ago! I click on the Spotify desktop then it puts me in a live screen which gives me two options: black box on left: LOG IN, Green box on right: SIGN UP.  So I click on Log in being that I'm already a member of Spotify. then it takes me to a new page which is the log in. Either with Facebook or with Spotify.  I click on "Log in with Facebook"  then it kicks me out and states: Unable to login. Either the username or password is incorrect.    My username and password are fine.  I can log in to Facebook with no problem!


Ah shoot!  Now it opens up but all my music is gone!!! WTF!

This is exactly what is happening with me but now I'm able to sign in and all my music of 1 1/2 years is gone!

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