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Lost listening history from Facebook-connected account

Lost listening history from Facebook-connected account

Hi, I'd been using Spotify through my Facebook account with Premium. I stopped the subscription for a short while, but when I wanted to come back, I accidentally bought Premium on an old account created independently from the Facebook account. So I didn't have my playlists and listening history. I connected this account to my Facebook account in an attempt to get those things transferred, but that didn't happen. So now I have one Spotify account, linked to both my e-mail and Facebook, with none of my listening history and playlists. Is there any way I can recover these??
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Hey there @wmr01,

thanks for posting !


It seems like when trying to solve the issue you've created unnecassery account.

In order to locate those playlists we'll have to understand on which account they do exist.


Please use this help page to locate all account listed with your details.


Waiting to see what you find 😃

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